About Us

Who we are

Trade name: ProKegel

Phone number: (531)333-3784

Email: support@prokegel.com

Physical address: Wyoming, US state

Our Company name: Yeebuudy LLC

With passion and determination, ProKegel redefines standards by offering interactive and playful solutions to strengthen the pelvic floor, unlocking the full potential of every woman to shine with confidence and vitality.

What we stand for

Recognizing the realities faced by women - championing empowerment, support, and transformation. We address overlooked challenges and celebrate unspoken triumphs, united in breaking taboos and reshaping the perception of womanhood. Embracing the power of unity, we honor the diverse experiences that shape every woman's life, ensuring that no aspect remains unnoticed or unaddressed. Together, we empower women at every step of their journey.

Outstanding technology

Since 2016, specialists in perineal rehabilitation have been instrumental in helping us design ProKegel, which has now become the world's most effective perineal reinforcement device. Harnessing a patented dual pressure sensor technology, it's the only connected device that can identify incorrect contractions.