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Train Your Pelvic Floor At-home With Our #1 Best Selling Kegel Trainer


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Effective By Design

ProKegel revolutionary dual-feedback system transforms your pelvic floor training by cutting out the guesswork. This patented technology, equipped with deep and superficial sensors, optimizes pelvic floor exercises so you experience maximum results. The ProKegel app provides a visual representation of your contractions and offers the opportunity to enhance your training by playing video games from the comfort of your home.

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Accelerated Success With Specialized Training Programs

Quickly boost your pelvic health with lovejinger tailored programs created by pelvic health experts. Each targets specific needs like stress incontinence or postpartum recovery, ensuring you get the right workout for your needs

Stress incontinence

Reduced activity-induced leaks and regain confidence.

Urge incontinence

Regulates urges and improve your pelvic floor endurance.

Mixed incontinence

Reduce all types of leaks and regain confidence.


Reduce post-pregnancy leaks and regain confidence.

ProKegel exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend the ProKegel if you're looking for help and motivation to strengthen your pelvic floor.

Dr Sara Duvall from Core Exercise Solution

ProKegel is about as fun as pelvic training can get. For anyone serious about improving their pelvic health in an enjoyable way, Perifit Care is my top recommendation.

Dr Nita Landry, Board Certified OB/GYN

What a fun way to learn pelvic floor control!

Dr Quozette Valera, Pelvic Floor Therapist

The Motivation You've Been Looking For

Transform your Kegel exercises into an engaging game! With real-time feedback, notifications and progress tracking, you'll not only stay motivated but also enjoy the process. After all, who said strengthening your pelvic floor couldn't be fun?

Exercise Confidently

Experience peace of mind knowing that our products have passed rigorous internationally-recognized safety tests.

Avoid Muscle Fatigue

Prevent pelvic floor muscle fatigue with our over-training warning.

Avoid Hypertonicity

It is necessary to train relaxation as much as contraction during our training sessions to avoid pelvic floor hypertonicity.

Train peacefully

Our contraction quality indicator alerts you to improper technique that may worsen some pelvic floor conditions.


Natural Changes Deserve Natural Relief

ProKegel offers you a non-invasive alternative to drugs or surgery, strengthening pelvic floor muscles with biofeedback technology.